ImagesWhat makes a reputable company

For businesses, a clean air duct is a necessity. When you have a fully operational company it is important to make sure things of that nature are maintained. Doing otherwise could equal trouble. How do you know you’re hiring the right team?

Top equipment

A legitimate company will show up with high quality equipment. Any service that arrives with a couple of shop vacs are not to be taken seriously. Especially for a commercial cleaning, where the duct systems are generally more complex than residential systems.

An unchanging price

All services will provide quotes. That is a standard of the industry. However, a good company will stick to their rate, where as other crooked services will say one thing and charge another. Sticking to one quote and one quote only is the way to go, easier for everyone.

We, at Air Blue Duct Cleaning, provide the commercial and residential air duct cleaning services that the greater Salt Lake City area can trust. We use quality equipment and do not surprise you with extra fees. If you have a dirty vent, we are the licensed and bonded experts that can help.

Visit our website or call (801)-750-4585 for a free estimate!

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Yearly Home Checkup in Salt Lake City – Pt 1

imagesEverything from your trees to an air vent cleaning

It’s gravely important to conduct your own home inspection every year. Keeping an eye on breaks, cracks, wear, tear, and leaks help to sustain the longevity and value of your home.


Carefully analyze each and every one of your home’s electrical components – outlets, outside wires, circuit box, and more! The last thing you need is a fire caused by an electrical mishap.


It’ll be hard to miss these kinds of problems. Usually exposed in the form of leaks, problems with the plumbing can be identified by corrosion, water pressure, and even drain speed.

Vents and Ducts

Take a glimpse into your system and look for buildup. Give it a few taps and see what happens. Unsure about its condition? Call and consult a professional as soon as possible.

We, at Air Blue Duct Cleaning, are the experts that can conduct an annual examination of your air vent and duct system. If we run into a problem, we’ll make the necessary repairs for an affordable rate. We service Provo, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Park City, and Toole.

Visit our website or call (801)-750-4585 for more information!

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Combating Dirty Air in Provo

Air Purifiers, Anti-oxidants, and Air Duct Cleaning

Clean air is imperative to living a healthy lifestyle. Many of the toxins and contaminants prevalent in our atmosphere can cause illness and health issues. Here are ways to resist the dangers of air pollution in your own home.

Air Purifier

These devices remove contaminants from the air. There are models that are suitable for home use and can greatly relieve incapacitating symptoms that burden individuals with allergies and asthma.


The regular digestion of anti-oxidant heavy foods can help offset the negative effects of contaminated air. Coupled with steady fruit, vegetable, and water consumption, you’ll have a system that effectively flushes out many airborne toxins.

Air Duct Cleaning

Overtime, your home’s air ducts and vents collect dust & dirt, wreaking havoc when ingested. It’s gravely important to have them professionally cleaned out, to ensure the flow of clean air from room to room.

We, at Air Blue Duct Cleaning, understand the reality of tainted air’s effect on health. That’s why we provide affordable, high-quality air duct & vent cleaning service in the Provo, Utah area.

Visit our website or call (801)-750-4585 for more information!

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Air Duct Cleaning

Why you need a professional’s services in Park City, Provo, and beyond

Trying to clean your air ducts by yourself can get tricky. It’s a surprisingly complicated process that necessitates the expertise of professionals. Here’s why;


Most people aren’t handymen or air duct experts, determining how long a cleaning will take is nearly impossible. A trained service can often give you a timeframe just by looking at a few pictures, usually with a money back guarantee to go along with an estimation.

The Little Things

Professional HVAC companies understand their jobs can get a bit messy. They often take the extra initiative to ensure that they don’t leave an area dirtier then when the first arrived. It says a lot.

Replacement Parts

Perhaps it becomes apparent that you need to replace some parts of your ventilation system during your cleaning. Odds are good that a professional duct cleaning service can either find them for you or at the least, point you in the right direction – saving you time.

Air Blue Duct Cleaning is this type of professionally trained cleaning service. We help the Salt Lake, Provo, Park City, Ogden, and Tooele area and do so with a smile.

Visit our website and learn more!

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Air Vent Cleaning

What does an air vent cleaning remove?

Regular cleaning of your home or commercial air vents & ducts is imperative. If not, what ends up in the system could very well end up in your lungs.

Objects like;

Construction debris

Microscopic agents are no stranger to construction sites and the structures surrounding them. Sawdust, sheet rock dust, and other forms of debris are created there, often settling in air vents.

Dander and Hair

Extremely light material like human hair and pet dander don’t seem like a problem. However it can be troublesome, particularly dander, when it comes to allergies.

Dust and Dirt

When is dust, dirt, and grime NOT causing a problem? First it gets on your things, then it’s hard to wipe up, and if that wasn’t enough it collects in vents and ducts.

We, at Air Blue Duct Cleaning, understand that routine flushing of your vents and ducts is important. That’s why we offer high quality, fairly priced service to the Salt Lake area.

Visit our website and learn more!

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3 Energy-Saving Ideas for Your Home


  1. Go Solar: Although the initial investment can be somewhat daunting to the first time buyer, the savings over time will quickly justify your investment. It also decreases your carbon imprint, and increases the value of your home.
  2. Replace Your Windows: Poorly insulated, leaky windows can waste a tremendous amount of energy in your home when heating and cooling.
  3. Upgrade Your Appliances: Advances in technology have created a larger market of energy efficient appliances, and purchasing can not only save you money in the long run, it can also increase your home’s value and visual aesthetic.

Clogged ventilation and air ducts can also increase your energy costs, and it can also put your home at risk. Air Blue Duct Cleaning offers high quality cleaning at an honest price.

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3 Ways to Reduce Allergen Levels in Your Home




  1. Mattress Covers: Overtime, mattresses accumulate an insane amount of allergens, which in turn, wreak havoc on your sinuses during slumber. Wrapping your mattress in an allergen guard cover is a great way to protect it from allergen infestation.
  2. Vacuum Daily: A great way to reduce the allergens in your home is to vacuum daily.
  3. Clean Air Ducts: Your air ducts house hidden household toxins, silently contaminating your home’s air supply. Remember to have your air ducts professionally cleaned regularly for clean, fresh airflow.

Do your air ducts need cleaning? Air Blue Duct Cleaning offers fabulous air duct cleaning services, to keep you household breathing fresh.


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